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"It's the temporary things that rip us apart."

Anonymous asked: I'm going great :) I just saw you on my dash and I remembered how much of a sweet and nice girl you were :)

Aw thank you so much love, that means a lot! One of the reasons I still haven’t deleted this blog is because of really kind people like you still on here! :’)

Anonymous asked: Hello beautiful! How are you doing today?😊😊

Aw hey sweet anon :’) I am doing alright, uni semester 2 started for me today and I can already feel the workload hahaha.

How are you/tell me about yourself! :)

Anonymous asked: ya I think talking to him will most likely just rid my curiosity but then again there is also a slight chance that it would like make me like him more?? I wouldn't talk to him online at first though, I would definitely rather keep it all in real life especially like when (if) we finally introduce ourselves. plus talking to him online would be boring. I need me some real life action lol. I have been on holis for like 2 weeks now and I don't think my crush has faded yet.

Hey hun, I am so so so sorry for the late reply! I have been traveling out of the city with my family a lot to visit my mum since she’s working away from home now.

I really don’t know how else to get rid of a crush besides time. You can’t deny what you’re feeling, but you also want to keep your boyfriend. I think you should talk to M in real life if you get the chance. It seems risky but it’s better that you at least get to know who he is. If you don’t, you’ll just build up an image of who you think he is or who you want him to be in your head, and then your crush will only become stronger. Remember that we usually see what we WANT to see. I think the best thing to do here is to talk to M once or a few times. Maybe just ridding yourself of the curiosity is going to help you get over him.

When you’re faced with a situation like this, you really just need to know where your priorities lay and be completely honest with yourself. If you are 100% happy with your boyfriend and aren’t bored/uncomfortable with the relationship and for it continuing for a long time, then fight this lust as hard as you can! Being with M might satisfy you in the short term, but in the long term, you need someone who loves, respects and deeply cares for you.

If you can honestly say that your relationship with your boyfriend is nearing a natural end, you’re bored or just uncomfortable in it, then maybe this crush on M is a wake up call to that?

I think you reallllly need to be 100% honest with yourself and with me and let me know what the case is, girl! Are you definitely 100% happy with your boyfriend and you want more than anything to get rid of your crush on M? Or do you think your crush is an indication that you’re not fully happy with your current relationship, even though there isn’t anything particularly wrong with it? (There doesn’t have to be)

First thing I would try is to talk to M, at least. Have you and your boyfriend been spending time together these past few weeks? How are things going?

And awh thank you so so much for your other messages about me. I am currently studying law, I never fully did psychology! I studied criminology for a while and did forensic psychology which is kind of similar haha. I am always happy to help you, beautiful girl :) None of your messages were off anon but even if they were, don’t worry, I wouldn’t post! If you ever feel like you want to talk off anon then feel free too though, we can privately message :) xx

"And it was after months of silence that I realised we make better strangers than we ever did anything else.”
— (via your-daisyfreshgirl)

I keep searching for good food accounts on Instagram and all of them are run by people who seem to have Godspeed metabolism :’o

I ate some fries the other day and I am a few pounds heavier already wow.